Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Technical Matters

Using the Photo Galleries

The photo galleries provided on another page in this web site rely on technology available in recent versions of the more popular web browser software. In particular the galleries are known to work with Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8, and with Firefox version 3. However the results using Internet Explorer version 6 are mixed.

When you first open one of the galleries you should see a page of "thumbnail pictures". Clicking on any thumbnail picture will show a full size copy of that picture, a set of control buttons and below than a horizontal display of mini-thumbnails. If the control buttons do not appear, press the spacebar to start and stop the slideshow, or press left or right arrow keys to move ahead or back one picture at a time. To exit back to the page of thumbnail pictures, click in the full size picture or press the "esc" key.

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