Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Village History

Around 950AD the saxon King Eadred gave an area of land to Wulfric, being known as Wulfric's tun, (shown on later maps as Wolftone) or what we now know as Woolstone. The church is the oldest building in the village, dating from 1195. There are now 10 or so remaining chalk cottages dating back as far as the 17th century. Of these Waterfall Cottage, Cob Cottage and The White Horse Inn are amongst the oldest having timber frames at least in part. At Waterfall Cottage the date 1611 is said to be scratched into the south wall. The deeds of the cottage at Woodruff Orchard in Lower Woolstone record that it was built in the reign of “Good Queen Bess”.

The River Ock rises above the village at Woolstone Wells. This still provides a source of water for many of the houses in the village.

Residents' Area

Visitors' Area