Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - RUPP2

The DM&S describes RUPP 2 as:

"from Woolstone Hill Barn, South to Lambourn Parish boundary at Knighton Bushes Plantation on Berkshire County boundary"

General Condition Mostly good, although a few short sections can be muddy. In wet conditions some bits of the hard packed clay surface can be slippery.
Length 1.4 miles
Navigation Problems None
Stiles, gates or other obstacles None

This path forms a part of what is referred to as the Woolstone to Lambourn road, although it is currently not useable as a road other than for farm traffic. As the path is a reasonable distance from the nearest point at which a car can be parked, it is quite common to meet no one while walking along RUPP 2.

From the north end, the path begins immediately to the east of the large grain barns at Woolstone Hill Barn (SU295854). The path heads southwards to the west of an overgrown tree line. After a short uphill section, the path follows an obvious line gently downhill, through a gap in a line of trees to reach the northernmost tip of the triangular area of trees known as Knighton Bushes Plantation and the Berkshire county boundary (SU299832). Although this point marks the southern end of RUPP 2, the path continues in a generally south-south-east direction to reach metalled roads leading to Upper Lambourn.