Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP9

The DM&S describes FP 9 as:

"from Marsh Way at junction of FP's 7 & 10, West-North-West to Claypit Lane near Cowleaze Farm"

General Condition Poor - the path is often waterlogged and can be extremely muddy.
Length 0.5 miles
Navigation Problems The path is not frequently used and the line of the path is sometimes not easy to see on the ground especially where the fields have been ploughed. Look for gap in the hedge that bisects the footpath.
Stiles, gates or other obstacles None

The path provides a link from the pond in Marsh Way to Claypit Lane by Cowleaze Farm. Judging by the state of the path it is not frequently used. In wet conditions standing water can be encountered frequently and the mud can be sticky.

The footpath starts from the pond on Marsh Way. Three footpaths leave this point heading to the west of Marsh Way. FP 9 uses the middle one of these, heading in a direct line across two fields to reach Claypit Lane.

If there is no track on the ground to follow, look across the field towards the water tower at Cowleaze Farm. Just to the left of this, spot a gap in the hedgeline - head in a straight line for this gap, and beyond to reach Claypit Lane by Cowleaze Farm and the end of Hardwell Lane (BOAT 1).

If walking this path in the reverse direction, starting from Claypit Lane, the gap in the hedge referred to above is visible, and once this gap has been reached, the signpost by the pond in Marsh Way should be visible.