Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP8

The DM&S describes FP 8 as:

"from FP7 at Canal Bridge, East to Uffington Parish boundary, East of Oxleaze Farm"

General Condition Reasonable at the western end although the middle section can be difficult underfoot if the path has been ploughed.
Length 0.6 miles
Navigation Problems The path does not appear to be frequently used and although all of the bridges and stiles are in position, they can be difficult to find especially in summer if the surrounding hedges are overgrown, or if the fields have been ploughed.
Stiles, gates or other obstacles There are three stiles to negotiate, but the main obstacle is what appears to be a blockage across the line of the path at Oxleaze Farm.

This path can be difficult to navigate with confidence since the track on the ground is often obscured (not least if the fields have been recently ploughed), and stiles can be hidden in the undergrowth especially in summer.

The western end of the path is the point where FP 7 reaches the line of the old canal north of Claypit Lane. Stand facing the White Horse on the hillside to the south, and the line of FP 8 bears away roughly 45 degrees to the left of this. Normally some kind of track can be found to follow to a wooden bridge in the hedge line - the bridge has a stile at either end.

Continue across the next field following approximately the same line to another wooden bridge, again with stiles at either end. Continue across the third field aiming to the left of the farm buildings at Oxleaze Farm.

On reaching Oxleaze Farm bear right past the first farm building, with the building on your right. [SEE NOTE BELOW] Then turn left on to a grassy track with the hedge on your left, and to the end of a small wooden fenced paddock. At the end of the paddock bear half right and head diagonally across the grassy field to a wooden bridge in the hedgeline at the edge of the field. The bridge is not easy to spot, but is roughly one third of the way from the left hand end of the field. The wooden bridge marks the parish boundary with Uffington.

The track continues beyond the wooden bridge aiming for some wooden fencing to the left side of the large red barn, and reaches Uffington shortly after.

NOTE - the line of the footpath as described above is blocked in the vicinity of Oxleaze Farm by what appears to be building rubble and farm equipment.