Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP6

The DM&S describes FP 6 as:

"from Wantage Road East of Woolstone Wells, South and South East to Uffington Parish boundary near Dragon Hill Road"

General Condition Good
Length 0.3 miles
Navigation Problems The path between the top two stiles is not marked on the ground (see description below).
Stiles, gates or other obstacles 3 stiles

The footpath starts directly from the B4507 Ashbury/Wantage road 300yds east of the bend in the road by Woolstone Wells, and with excellent views of the White Horse throughout.

A stile is encountered at the start of the track. The footpath climbs steadily following the obvious line to reach the second stile.

Crossing the second stile, the track is not marked on the ground, and the third stile is not visible. Continue following the same bearing as the path between the first two stiles. The third stile will eventually be found at the top right corner of the field.

Beyond the third stile the path follows around the western side of Dragon Hill, and with impressive views down into the Manger.

The path continues to skirt around the western side of Dragon Hill reaching Dragon Hill road at the parish boundary with Uffington.

In descent, the start of the path is obvious - initially it heads towards the steps on the southern side of Dragon Hill. However before reaching the steps, the path bears to the left and heads around the side of Dragon Hill to reach the stile described above as the third stile.