Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP18

The DM&S describes FP 18 as:

"from Uffington Parish boundary at its junction with Uffington FP28. South of Idlebush Barrow, South-South-East to Berkshire County boundary and Woolstone BR17"

The following additional notes apply:

"Width: Creation Agreement of 22-8-77 provided 5 ft width and the following conditions: (i) walkers to give way to horse riders at the point where the FP crosses the private gallops (ii) at points where the FP crosses the gallops the surface of the FP shall be in accordance with the surface of the gallops. Notes: Created 22-8-77. See also Woolstone BR17, Uffington BR24 and Uffington FP28"

General Condition Good well drained grassy track
Length 0.6 miles
Navigation Problems None, but keep an eye open for horses on the gallops.
Stiles, gates or other obstacles None

Approaching this footpath from the north would bring you to the northern end of BR17. From this point the footpath that heads south is in fact Uffington FP28 and this eventually leads to the northern end of Woolstone FP18. Since it is not realistic to walk FP18 by itself, the following description here covers the whole length of Uffington FP28 and Woolstone FP18 together.

Starting from the northern end, the Uffington FP28 starts immediately at a gap in the fence that marks the northern extent of the gallops of Woolstone Downs. (Woolstone BR17 bears off to the right at this point). From here the footpath is marked by a series of painted white wooden stakes for the majority of its length. The path proceeds by the small mound and outer ring of Idlebush Barrow to the right of the path, and to the smaller "tumulus" also to the of the path. Woolstone FP18 starts at this point, although there is nothing on the ground to suggest this.

Eventually the path bears slightly to the left and runs alongside the left hand edge of a newly planted area of trees. Roughly 100 yds after the end of the trees, the path finishes where BR17 joins from the right, at a metal gate and a gap in the fence.

BR17 and FP18 are probably the most remote rights of way within the parish - even on days when the National Trust car park for the White Horse is busy with visitors, it is quite common to see no one on either of these rights of way.