Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP16

The DM&S describes FP 16 as:

"from road at All Saints Church, West-South-West to Woolstone Road South East of Woolstone Farm"

General Condition Good, grassy
Length 100 yds
Navigation Problems None
Stiles, gates or other obstacles 3 gates and one small set of wooden steps.

This short section of footpath joins the road at the bottom of Woolstone Hill to the lane leading to All Saints Church. Where the DM&S refers to Woolstone Farm, this farm is now known as Upper Farm.

From the bottom of Woolstone Hill, just north of Hillside Cottage there is a small set of wooden steps rising from the road up the bank to a gate. The gate marks the western end of the footpath.

The footpath crosses the field from the gate towards the northern end of the graveyard by the church. In the fence on the far side of the field there is a gateway that allows access to the area of ground north of the graveyard, and eventually to the gateway from the church grounds to the lane.