Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP11

The DM&S describes FP 11 as:

"from Woolstone Road at end of FP10, North-North-West to Claypit Lane South East of Oxleaze Farm"

General Condition The southern half is in fair condition while parts of the northern half can be sufficiently waterlogged than good wellington boots are frequently needed to avoid getting wet feet
Length 500 yds
Navigation Problems Heading south the exit from the first field can be difficult to locate.
Stiles, gates or other obstacles 5 stiles

Three footpaths come together on the Woolstone Road at the northern end of Lower Woolstone by Corner Cottage. FP 11 is the middle of the three. Two stiles close together mark the start of FP 11. The first stile is to the left of the metal gate. The second stile allow access to the grassy field beyond.

Head across the grassy field to a third stile in the far corner. Crossing the stile leads to a wooden bridge over the ditch, and a fourth delipidated stile beyond. While some parts of the grassy field can be a little damp underfoot, the good covering of grass means this is not normally a problem. In contract, the field after the wooden bridge is frequently underwater in some parts.

The correct line of the footpath is a direct line from the wooden bridge to the far left corner of the field. However this line goes through the deepest and wettest part of the field. During the winter months especially, this part of the field can be impassable. Slightly drier ground can be found by heading as far left as possible.

At the left hand end of the field there is a metal gate and wooden fence that needs to be climbed to exit on to the road.

When taking this path in a southerly direction the wooden bridge may be difficult to spot easily. Aim for a point roughly 100 yds left of the right hand side of the field.