Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - FP10

The DM&S describes FP 10 as:

"from Hardwell Lane (Compton Beauchamp BY12), North of Hardwell Farm, North East to Marsh Way and FPs 7 & 9 and East-South-East to Woolstone Road at FPs 11 & 12 at Lower Woolstone"

General Condition Fair to poor - the section to the east is normally in reasonable condition; some parts of the path near to Marsh Way can become waterlogged although these can normally be avoided. The section to the west of Marsh Way can be muddy
Length 0.75 miles
Navigation Problems The precise line of the westernmost section can be difficult to find (see description below)
Stiles, gates or other obstacles There are five stiles to negotiate in the section to the east of Marsh Way, but only one to the west of Marsh Way

Three footpaths come together on the Woolstone Road at the northern end of Lower Woolstone by Corner Cottage. FP 10 takes the left-hand of these. The first part of the path is sandwiched between the buildings on the left and the stream to the right.

Continuing with the stream on the right, the path crossing two more stiles before reaching a third stile that guards a wooden bridge over two ditches. A fourth stile needs to be crossed to leave the bridge and reach the field beyond.

Cross the field parallel to but roughly 30 yards away from the hedge line to the left. The exact line of the path is not always distinct.At the far side of the field is a final stile that needs to be crossed to reach Marsh Way.

Crossing Marsh Way to the FP 10 continues following the left edge of the field keeping the treeline on the left. Hidden within the undergrowth at the far left of this field is a stile that leads into a second field. Cross the second field aiming just to the right of the far left hand corner of the field - the line of footpath across this field can be difficult to find especially if the field has been ploughed. [Under such circumstances, the stile between the two fields can be very difficult to locate if heading in the reverse direction - there is a small break in the undergrowth but this is easy to miss]. Hardwell Lane and the parish boundary with Compton Beauchamp is reached by exiting from the second field - there is no gate or stile here.

In conjunction with FP 7, the section of FP 10 to the west of Marsh Way forms part of the D'Arcy Dalton Way.