Woolstone seen from below the White Horse. Photo: Duncan Baber

Rights of Way - Definitions

Public rights of way are recorded on the legal record, known as the Definitive Map and Statement (DM&S) of Public Rights of Way:

Public Rights of Way are categorised into four types:

Copies of the DM&S are held at local council offices and at a number of libraries. The libraries at Faringdon and Wantage are the closest to Woolstone. Within the DM&S, each parish is accorded a number, and the rights of way within the parish are designated numbers in sequence. The parish of Woolstone is allocated as number 414. The register acknowledges the existence of 18 separate rights of way within the parish. The formal reference to a right of way includes both the parish number or name and the index number of the individual right of way, thus: 414/16 or Woolstone BR16. This form of labelling provides a unique reference within the county of Oxfordshire.